Winners of the 2nd IMRA JAPAN AWARD

Thank you for submitting many applications for research grants for advanced seeds, the 2nd IMRA JAPAN AWARD.
The selection committee was held on December 18, 2017.
After impartial review and discussion, the committee selected recipients of the award as following researchers and research themes.

Theme fields

Unique research that will contribute to the happiness of Chemistry, or Material Science.

  • · Research that will bring discontinuous innovation
  • · Research that is triggered by sheer serendipity

Winners of the 2nd IMRA JAPAN AWARD

Winner Affiliated institution Research theme
Seiichi Furumi
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry,Faculty of Science,Tokyo University of Science Environmentally‐friendly mechanical stress sensors fabricated from paper materials
Kazuki Nagashima
Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (IMCE), Kyushu University Development of innovative molecular discrimination device platform using molecular fingerprints on single crystalline metal oxide nanowires
Takuya Hasegawa
Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Resource Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Kochi University Development of inorganic spectrum‐converters for realizing of growth promotions of plant and sustainable supplies

Theme selection committee

Chairman : Eiichi Yamaguchi
Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (Shishu‐kan), Kyoto University
Member : Takashi Matsuoka
Professor, Division of Electronic Materials Physics, Institute for Material Research, Tohoku University
Member : Shoji Yamada
Professor Emeritus, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology
Member : Masao Ando
President, IMRA JAPAN CO.,LTD.
Member : Naoki Gorai
General Manager, IMRA JAPAN CO.,LTD.
  • The 2nd IMRA JAPAN AWARD winners (front row)
    and selection committee (rear row)

Record of applications

28 applications in total

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