Recruitment guidelines

Recruitment guidelines

Desired applicant

Position Special appointment researcher
Eligibility All applicants must have a doctorate (PhD) or a master’s degree. (Applicants with a bachelor’s degree who have equal or greater knowledge and experience are also eligible.)
Field of Position Special appointment researcher 1: Solid-state physics, semiconductor physics, etc.
Special appointment researcher 2: Bio-related (except for healthcare and pharmaceutical products)
Position Description Special appointment researcher 1: R&D of new thin-film device (censor, power generation element, etc.)
Special appointment researcher 2: New product development and R&D using bioscience and biotechnology.
Required Credentials The applicant must have a high level of expertise in the respective field of research and must be motivated with a positive disposition and be capable of leading research and development and product development.
Contract Duration One to three years (The contract is renewed annually. There is a permanent staff recruitment system after three years.)
Compensation Package Equivalent to permanent employees. (Contact us for holidays, paid holidays, and the example of annual salary.)
Place of Employment Sapporo, Hokkaido
How to Apply Send a resume and CV (free format) to the following email address.
When sending an email, please use the following title on the subject line.
[Apply: Special appointment researcher 1]
Other Nationality is not relevant.

Application method

Please first inquire via email

Please include the following within the email (please write in Japanese)

  • Name (followed by phonetic reading)
  • date of birth
  • contact details (phone number, email address)
  • highest academic achievement
  • employment history
  • qualifications, skills
  • reason for applying
  • propose theme (required item)
  • self-description

*Applications will remain confifidential.

Recruitment guideline